The Ways Visionary Leaders Can Play Bigger with Nancy Giordano


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Described as endlessly optimistic, Nancy Giordano is a strategic futurist, global keynote speaker, corporate strategist, and gatherer, with a drive to help enterprise organizations and visionary leaders transform to meet the escalating expectations ahead.

Recognized as one of the top female futurists, Nancy is the co-founder of the Femme Futurists Society.

Concerned about applying an outdated, industrial approach to an exponential 21st Century world, she is currently launching her first book, titled Leadering: The Ways Visionary Leaders Play Bigger, which defines and encourages the dynamic, inclusive, and audacious mindset leaders must cultivate in order to build the safe, inclusive, and thriving future that we all want.

“Each of us, from [whatever] space we are [in], have a place that we can contribute and we can create for the future that we want to build.” — Nancy Giordano

In this episode, Nancy shares her vision for the future, and why each and every person has a role in creating it, from individual and solopreneuer to corporate CEO.

Tuning in, you’ll find out more about her career trajectory, what the term ‘leadering’ actually means, and how to prepare for what the future needs and expects of you.

You will also learn about the importance of shifting from a culture of winning to one of caring and why Nancy believes there is too much pressure on the youth to change the world. Tune in today!

Here’s a peek at what else we discuss:

  • The role of ethicists in large companies and teams working with futurists like Nancy.
  • It’s not about building a utopia; Nancy explains the practical applications of a futurist vision.
  • How small businesses and solopreneurs can adopt this kind of thinking.
  • How to prepare for what the future needs and expects from us.
  • Why short-term thinking is the biggest enemy of long-term success.
  • The value of shifting from an orientation of winning to one of caring.
  • Nancy’s perspective on the climate and mental health crises.
  • How the narrative needs to shift in order to realize the opportunity we have to build the future we want to build.


This week’s Joy: I have a ritual to watch the sunset for 30mins every day. A place of gratitude for all the things that are working well and thinking about the people in my life I love, and then as the sun goes down over the horizon I ask it to take whatever I’m holding as a negative with it as it sets. And that restores me for the next day. It’s a sanity saver and has worked really well.

This week’s Hustle: Constant learning. Invest into your own learning and curiosity so that it doesn’t feel so scary.

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