E198 The Chef's Kiss of Death and Some Juice Covered News


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It's episode 198 and we've got lots of juice covered news for you! For starters, we're getting so close to our 200th episode and we can't wait to share the surprises we have in store. Then Em announces they've officially been diagnosed with ADHD and is reaping the benefits of their new medication, including both dry mouth and a laser focused deep dive into what it means to be drawn and quartered... which unfortunately happened in their story topic this week: the Charleston Old City Jail aka the most haunted building in South Carolina. Then Christine covers a story with a wild amount of footage pre-murder: the Watts family killings. We're also led to believe Nichol is the new Meghan... and that's why we drink!

Check out Dakota Laden's winning mashup video Em talks about here! bit.ly/gamashup

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