Biden: “I want this country to be united”


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President-elect Joe Biden says he would consider appointing Republicans who voted for Trump to his cabinet because he wants “this country to be united” and “we can't keep this virulent political dialogue going.” Biden’s transition team has been in contact with all federal agencies, including the White House, just 24 hours after the GSA said the official transition process can begin. The President-elect says all outreach has been “sincere.” Christine Todd Whitman is the former Republican Governor of New Jersey but endorsed Biden in the 2020 election. She joins AC360 to discuss how Trump delayed the transition and still refuses to accept the results of the election. Plus, the U.S. is approaching 260,000 Covid-19 deaths and has seen another day of record hospitalizations with at least 88,080. Dr. Craig Spencer is the Director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center. He tells AC360 the system can’t last that much longer if we continue to have such a crush of new cases throughout the country.

Airdate: November 24, 2020


Christine Todd Whitman

Dr. Craig Spencer

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