GSA says Biden transition can formally begin


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The General Services Administration has informed President-elect Joe Biden and his team that the Trump administration is ready to begin the transition process more than two weeks after the former Vice President was declared the election winner. In a letter, GSA administrator Emily Murphy said she wasn’t pressured by the White House to delay the formal transition. Now that the transition can officially begin, current administration officials can coordinate with the incoming Biden team. David Gergen is a former Presidential Adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton and is also a CNN Political Analyst. He tells AC360 he thinks Trump did the right thing but it’s vital that he tells his base and the whole country that Joe Biden is a legitimate president and he is not put there by fraud. Plus, Covid-19 hospitalizations and cases are rising with Thanksgiving only days away. The CDC is advising people to not travel to see family and friends. White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci said what worries him most is “the immediate situation with people traveling from different places, coming home for Thanksgiving.” Dr. William Schaffner is a professor at the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt Medical Center. He joins AC360 to discuss his concerns for the upcoming holiday season.

Airdate: November 23, 2020


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