Pres. Trump gives campaign-like speech at the White House as coronavirus cases surge


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President Trump gave a campaign-like speech in the Rose Garden and offered no plan to help stop the surge of coronavirus cases throughout the country. Meanwhile, White House Task Force Member Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Covid-19 could become as serious as the 1918 flu that killed more than 50 million people. Arizona had to pause its reopening because cases were spiking. Dr. Quinn Snyder is an Emergency Room Physician on the frontline in Arizona fighting the virus. He tells Anderson Cooper he wishes the President and other politicians would let medical professionals and scientists handle the pandemic because “the virus is going to do what it wants to do.” Plus, the President took aim at governors during his rant at the White House saying his administration “made a lot of governors look fantastic.” Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been outspoken about the White House’s handing of the pandemic. She joins AC360 to react to the President’s comments and says it’s “troubling and disturbing” to hear remarks like that when there’s so much work to do.

Airdate: July 14, 2020

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