Guy smashing ADULT Stuck in an 8 YEAR OLDS body… illegal?


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00:00 Insta etiquette perving + Awful sliding DMs 14:42 Flagrant rizzing each other up 21:11 Dov’s dating AGAIN 27:18 Who is uncooler: Andrew v Mark? 40:15 M&Ms are still too sexy for Conservatives 44:04 Fully grown man dating woman trapped in 8 year old’s body 56:24 Hogwarts Legacy - is it ok to buy? 01:01:05 The Last of Us Episode 2 reaction 01:03:54 Girls at the gyms - trauma responses? 01:19:06 Chrisean & Blueface heading for a tragic ending 01:22:42 Courtroom Perc Pass to Young Thug

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