Brad Warner - Don’t View Big Fish


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“The problem is that no answer that someone else will give you will every satisfy you - not to these questions. The question of who and what you really are, only you know. The only entity in the entire universe who knows what you are, is you.” - Brad Warner

Recorded live in Eindhoven, Netherlands in 2014 on the tour that inspired Brad’s latest book, Letters to a Dead Friend About Zen.

In the middle of a retreat, caught in front of an audience in a raw moment after learning he’d lost a childhood friend, Brad lays it all out in no BS terms as to what the hell we're doing here with Zen practice and just trying to be humans in a messed up and somehow still perfect universe. It's a confrontation of the search for meaning itself in a moment when that was never more relevant and there was nothing left to hold back. In the q&a our Dutch friends go straight for the meat with questions on enlightenment, the ego, whether and why we need teachers, and of course why Dogen was so concerned with those fish.

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