Body Talk - What does pain & illness mean? Deb Goldberg & Dr. Lynyetta Willis


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Your body is a communication mechanism. What is it speaking to you? Did you know that you can ask your body to help you understand what it needs and how it needs to be healed? Did you know that energy gets stuck in your body and manifests as pain or a disorder? We have energetic memories that leave an imprint on us and effect all areas of our life. Altlhough we are Divine, perfect and actually have complete well-being, our body tells us a different story. Our body is controlled by the mind and our belief systems. Tune in to learn more. Callers are welcome at 347-202-0232 or join us in the chat room. Join Debbie N. Goldberg Spiritual Teacher and Author of the book series, "A Divinely Ordered Life" and co-host Dr. Lynyetta G. Willis, Relationship Evolutionary, Psychologist, Author (My Forgotten Self), and Family Empowerment Coach

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