How You Can Find Joy When You're Secretly Unhappy - Marcia Martin Heart Healer


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What's your relationship with joy? Are you sincerely happy or just trying to fake it until you really can find a reason to feel joyful? Is the smile on your face there because you feel good inside or are you trying to fool both the world and yourself into believing that you have it all figured out? It doesn't matter why you're sad inside, it just matters that you are. You don't have to become someone nicer, prettier or more accomplished to feel good about yourself and find joy but you do have to understand what's making you feel sad so you can let go of those activities, patterns and beliefs and find long-lasting happiness and eternal joy. Join me for a free, master class on Sunday, May 26th at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST or Monday, May 270th at 9:00 am AEST to learn how to find joy. Callers are always welcome 347-202-0232 (If calling from outside the USA add +1) If you're unable to call, please email your questions to: or visit my website at:

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