The Truth Shall Set You Free with Marcia Martin the Heart Healer


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What's your relationship with the truth? Do you try to tell the truth and do the right thing whenever possible? Being honest, loving others and lending a helping hand are wonderful qualities but you may still be guilty of lying to yourself. You may be placing yourself in hell without even realizing it. You may be creating difficulties and obstacles in your life even though you're trying to avoid them. I'm sure you believe you're doing the right thing but if you've given fear a seat at your table, you're telling yourself lies. It doesn't matter how justified that fear is. It doesn't matter how sincere you are. It only matters that you're hurting yourself with every thought, every feeling and every action. If you're ready to step out of fear, away from lies and into a place of truth join me on Sunday, July 28th at 4 pm PST, 7 pm EST, Monday, July 29th at 9 am AEST and learn how you can discover the truth about your life Callers are always welcome 347-202-0232 (If calling from outside the USA add +1) If you're unable to call, please email your questions to: or visit my website at:

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