Time Heals Founder and Master Healer Teri Angel joins Mindful Media Mom


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Be Your Magnificent Self with the help of your angels and Mindful Media Mom Karen Palmer. Karen is excited to welcome Teri Angel Founder of Angelspeakers. Teri Angel is no novice when it comes to facing challenges in this human experience. From an early age she dealt with such things as sexual abuse, kidney failure and subsequent transplantation, divorces, estrangement of a child and several bouts of cancer. Her latest and most recent challenge was facing breast cancer earlier this year. She relates this experience as “going through the fire.” She says, “There’s no easy way to do it – you just have to step on the hot coals and not look back.” We will help you overcome any challenge or excuse. Are Your Excuses Holding you Back? How often do you use excuses that hold you back from living the life of your dreams? Money? Time? Education? What would you like to achieve ? What excuses are you telling yourself for not achieving your goal? Do you believe they’re legitimate? JOIN TERI ANGEL AND KAREN PALMER Call in (347)202-0232 to speak with us please press 1 to let us know you would like to share.

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