Unrealistic Expectations of Self Through Your Spiritual Evolution - Deb & Anayah


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What does Spiritual evolution look like? Do you believe that you have to be happy all the time and are upset when other feelings arise? Can you have mixed emotions and still be happy and peaceful? Are you projecting perfectionism into your Spiritual growth? Do you get upset or frustrated with yourself when you haven't mastered certain Spiritual concepts or yourself yet?Do you believe you need to transcend your humanity in this lifetime? Join Debbie N. Goldberg https://www.debbiengoldberg.com Spiritual Teacher and Author of the book series, "A Divinely Ordered Life" http://www.amzn.to/2IDcf0z and co-host, Anayah Joi Holilly, founder of Angel Heart Radio and Certified Angel Intuitive, http://www.angellight777.com

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