David Ciccarelli, CEO & Co-Founder of Voices.com


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How do you become the giant player in a fragmented business like that of finding voice-over talent? This is just one of the questions that intrigued me in this interview with David Ciccarelli, CEO & Co-Founder of Voices, a business he stated and runs with his wife and co-founder Stephanie. If you’re raising money, this episode and “The Secrets of Fundraising” (Click Here) are must listen.

Highlights include:

  • Introduction to David Ciccarelli & Voices.com
  • “"What is the intersection of this? Art, science, technology, music, sound," and really had this desire to do something in that space…”
  • “That's been the same idea right from the very beginning to what we do now is, it's evolved to a global marketplace of over 500,000 users from all around the world…”
  • David Ciccarelli and His Wife Stephanie Are Co-Founders – How Do They Make It Work?
  • David Ciccarelli’s Parents Encouraged an Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • The Remarkable Funding History of Voices.com
  • The Three Crucial Questions You’ll Be Asked on Your Raise
  • GOLDEN TIP FOR FUNDRAISING!!!! “Over the years, I'd developed a massive spreadsheet of 200 names of investors that had either shown interest, or I'd met at a conference, or something along these lines, of names of the firm, the city they were in, and the phone number and email on the contact, basic information. I created a one-pager, almost like a business model canvas-type idea, but really tight one-pager with some key stats, problem, solution, results.”
  • DON’T MISS THIS EITHER!!“Now, you've previously made, I think, a really important point, and these are not cold emails. This isn't just, "I googled around."”
  • “I think one of the challenges that were currently faced is how to manage the growth efficiently…”
  • How Voices.com Built Its Dominance in a Fragmented Business
  • Jean Hammond’s “There’s No Second Thing” Story
  • “We describe that as leading and transforming the industry…. Being the place… where the world comes to find their voice.”
  • Starting a Business in the US vs. Starting One in Canada
  • What Has Made London, Ontario a Tech Hub?
  • Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs from David Ciccarelli

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