Episode 100 - 20 Lessons from 100 Episodes


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To celebrate our 100th episode, Raul Rosa and I curated snippets from various interviews that illustrate particularly valuable lessons in entrepreneurship. Below you will find a list of the full episodes next to the name of the guest cited.

Starting at the launch of the 100th episode it will also be possible to search for content on https://angelinvestboston.com based on a list of topics, some of which I list below.


  1. Michael Mark – Click to Listen to the Complete Episode
  2. Jean Hammond - Listen to the Complete Episode Here


  1. Tivan Amour - Listen to His Origin Story - Listen to His Remarkable Pivot Story

Raising Money

  1. Ben Littauer- Ben's Full Episode - Even More Ben
  2. Alice Lewis - Alice's Full Interview - Alice's Clever COVID Pivot
  3. Sal Daher - Sal's Origin Story - Secrets of Fundraising - More Secrets of Fundraising


  1. Howard Stevenson - Building Your Wealth


  1. Michael Mark - More Michael Mark
  2. Bettina Hein - Bettina's Origin Story
  3. Christopher Mirabile and Adam Martel - The Full Episode - Christopher Mirabile Origin Story
  4. Joe Caruso - Joe's Origin Story - Irresistible! - Joe Caruso on Startups & COVID


  1. Ed Roberts - The Full, Glorious, 89-minute Ed Roberts Experience - Awesome!
  2. Chuck Eesley - Chuck's Full Interview
  3. Nell Meosky Luo and Dan Toffling - The Full Interview
  4. Ed Goluch - Ed Goluch's Full Interview
  5. Russ Wilcox - Russ' Origin Story


  1. Chris Savage & Brendan Schwartz - The Whole Brilliant Interview
  2. Sam Bogoch - The Sam Bogoch Origin Story

Discovering Entrepreneurship

  1. Gillian Isabelle - The Complete Interview with Gillian Isabelle - Compelling
  2. Larry Sullivan - The Full Journey through Larry's Amazing Career

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