Jinesh Patel, Founder and CEO, UptimeHealth


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The dispersal of medical equipment by the move to outpatient medicine has presented a huge opportunity for repeat founder Jinesh Patel. His startup, UptimeHealth, provides outsourced monitoring of the complex compliance requirements of equipment located at the proliferating outpatient facilities. UptimeHealth is also creating a marketplace for service technicians to reduce response times and costs. Jinesh’s affable manner and clear understanding of this promising market made this a delightful interview.

Highlights include:

  • Sal Daher’s Intro
  • Jinesh Patel’s Bio + Shoutout to Betsy Scherer of Venture Lane Startup Hub
  • What UptimeHealth Does and Why It’s Important
  • “So, we're finding healthcare facilities are not understanding the best way to manage compliance at, what we call a fragmented level.”
  • The Founding Story of UptimeHealth
  • Having Managed Medical Equipment Gave Jinesh the Ability to See the Opportunity Presented by the Shift to Outpatient Care that Created a Need for Outsourced Management and Compliance Support
  • Most Medical Devices Are Internet of Things-Enabled but that IoT Connection Is Off Due to Security Concerns
  • UptimeHealth’s First Product Is Basically a Digital Checklist of Equipment and Required Tasks
  • Parallels Between UptimeHealth, HomeBinder and Squadle; The Binder-Replacement Business
  • Connections Between UptimeHealth and Cohealo
  • Comparison with Meenta
  • “…we've created the industry's first marketplace for biomedical technicians to gain work and access to these outpatient healthcare facilities.”
  • “So, the uptime of your device has improved. The service response time has improved. The quality of customer service has improved.”
  • Why Jinesh Patel Came to Boston to Start UptimeHealth
  • Sal Talks About His Syndicates – Tells About His Investment in FineTune Learning
  • UptimeHealth’s Go-to-Market Strategy – Land & Expand
  • “…because we're the first people in this market doing exactly what we're doing it. There's no one who's paved a pathway to how to get this done. So, a lot of it is learning, trial balloon testing, A/B experimenting, whatever it looks like.”
  • “…, if we can predict who's going to need new equipment in the next year, we're now a sales engine for people selling medical equipment of the exact same category.”
  • Target Vision – How Jinesh Patel Fell into Entrepreneurship
  • “So, if you're both shooting at the same piece of paper, we can tell you who shot which bullet hole.”
  • "I'm young. There's a lot of time I have to correct whatever happens if it goes south."
  • “…I love entrepreneurship because every day is so different. Every challenge is a new strategy.”
  • Jinesh’s Concluding Thoughts
  • Of Advisors and Mentors Jinesh Says: “…the percentage of actual follow up was so high. I didn't understand like, "Oh, these are real people really trying to help."”
  • “There's a big difference between meaning to help and knowing how to help. I think that in the ecosystem here in Boston, there's a lot of practice on what do you do to help somebody when somebody asks you for this kind of help.”

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