Kevin Lyman, CEO of Enlitic "Deep Learning in Medical Images"


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Gamer turned AI maven, Kevin Lyman is implementing Jeremy Howard’s vision of harnessing the super chips that power gaming machines (GPUs) to interpret medical images. Deep learning algorithms are already making radiologists faster and better at their work. It’s a story of man plus machine not man versus machine.

Don’t miss this accessible report from the frontier where machine is starting to make a tangible difference in medical care.

Some highlights from the interview:

  • Kevin Lyman Versions 1.0 & 2.0
  • Kevin Lyman, Gamer Turned AI Maven
  • Stints at Hasbro, SpaceX & Microsoft
  • The Inventors Guild
  • Jeremy Howard of Kaggle Fame Decides AI Is Ready to Take on Medical Imaging-Founds Enlitic
  • GPUs: Good for Gaming + Processing Medical Images
  • “…deep learning has managed to turn AI into more of an engineering problem than a science problem.”
  • “…you can see most AI setups today as being like a black box.”
  • Kevin Lyman Dropped Everything to Join Jeremy Howard at Enlitic
  • “…they didn't just give us the $10 million in our Series A. They gave us 100 terabytes of historic patient data-“
  • “…21% faster, they caught 11% more of the true positives and with 9% fewer false positives…”
  • “…we should not be focused on man versus machine… We should be very focused on man plus machine…”
  • AI – Compare & Contrast
  • Kevin Lyman’s Personality Disposes Him to Work in Startups
  • Kevin Lyman 2.0 Interview – Nine Months Later
  • Headway During Nine Months Since 1.0
  • 95% Body Coverage
  • About to Deploy Beta with Capitol Health

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