Oana Manolache, Founder - Introvoke: Live-Streaming Remade


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Creating new ways to experience startup events has led Oana Manolache to found Introvoke, a streaming service tailored to this growing space. Relying on her work at HP, Oana is getting strong traction from organic growth. A great interview with a compelling immigrant founder.

Highlights include:

  • Oana Manolache Bio & Introvoke
  • Introvoke
  • “…we take engagement a step further. So, we have an open chat where people from all over the world start conversations”.
  • Founding Story of Introvoke
  • Introvoke’s Traction
  • 5000 Users through Viral Marketing – No Marketing Spend
  • Sal Talks about Savran Technologies and Its Remarkable Ability to Capture Extremely Rare Cells
  • How Introvoke Plans to Compete
  • “…87% of consumers prefer to watch a live stream of a brand rather than to read a blog…”
  • Introvoke Aims to Make Virtual Memberships Appealing
  • “Our viewers stay engaged for at least 80% of the video…”
  • Introvoke Just Stated Monetizing its Business with a Tiered Subscription Model
  • Oana Manolache Wants to Make Introvoke the Norm for Startup Events
  • How Oana’s Family Life in Romania Contributed to Her Entrepreneurship
  • Raising Money Should Note Be an Automatic Reaction If You Are Planning to Start a Company
  • “I strongly believe that you don't have to be a social impact company to actually have social impact.”
  • Sal on the Social Value of Entrepreneurship
  • Social Impact of Angel Invest Boston: Three Founders Inspired to Start Their Companies by Listening
  • Finding Your Calling
  • “I realized that I am supposed to be in technology, and I've always been supposed to be in technology.”
  • “…we do want to, of course, follow certain norms in live streaming because people are used to certain things. But we also want to disrupt some others, so to build something new.”
  • “And that makes you wake up in the morning, and those hard days when you're not sure if you're doing the right thing. So, passion strives.”

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