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If you’ve used an Amazon Kindle you’ve used tech pioneered by Russ Wilcox and co-founders at E Ink. Russ is now a VC who remembers well the trials of being a founder and is a deep well useful knowledge about building startups. I learned a lot.

Highlights include:

  • brief bio of Russ Wilcox
  • the founding story of E Ink
  • the mistake of focusing on a financing strategy rather than product development
  • burning $2 million per month but clients hated the product
  • Golden Lesson for Founders: don’t kill your company by sticking to an unrealistically high valuation; propping up valuation is self-delusion
  • beware liquidation preferences (jargon-free explanation)
  • comparison of VC funding to debt
  • Pillar is a seed-stage VC firm founded by people who have started companies
  • Pillar’s “phantom partners” are 22 startup CEOs who put money into the fund and roll up their sleeves to help
  • Write checks of $1 to $2 million in rounds of $3 to $4 million
  • Put in a lot of time and energy to support founders
  • Emotional support is provided by the Pillar CEO investors
  • Cool Portfolio Company: Kula Bio which has a really clever way to make earth-friendly fertilizer
  • Cool Portfolio Company: Higharc creates 3D plans for your home without needing an architect
  • Russ Wilcox’s wisdom on platform technologies
  • Sal talks about his portfolio company Akili Interactive that has a game to treat ADHD in children and invites accredited investors to join his syndicate at
  • What Russ learned from his post-exit world tour with his family
  • Golden Lesson for Founders: look for a co-founder first

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