Sean Eldridge, CEO of Gain Life - "Transforming Lives"


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Running a landscaping business while in grade school gave Sean Eldridge a taste for entrepreneurship. Years later, after a successful career in large corporations, he decided to start a business, Gain Life, building software to change people’s lives. Big players in the insurance business are betting that Gain Life will help their bottom line.

Here are some things that came up during my interview of Sean Eldridge:

  • “…these individuals had… transformative experiences through either medical or surgical weight loss… They became a different person. They had an identity shift.”
  • “…you sort of became a missionary for mind change around health.”
  • “Yeah. I think it probably all started back when I was probably in sixth grade. I started a lawn mowing business…”
  • “…I loved… being able to marshal resources that weren't under my own control, to be able to help individuals and make some money while doing it.”
  • In College, Sean Dreamed of Starting a Sports Publication on the Web – Instead, He Became Hooked on Healthcare during an Internship
  • “I think there's something about starting out in a landscaping and going on to become very successful entrepreneurs and assassinating a few plantings along the way.”
  • “At Gain Life, we build digital behavior change programs…to empower individuals to achieve their best life.”
  • “…right now, we have part of our business that's growing really fast around helping individuals actually return to work from temporary disability…”
  • There Is Evidence that Digital Intervention Gets People Back to Work Faster
  • Most People Out on Disability Want to Return to Work – Gain Life Helps Them Deal with The Loss of Income and Connection That Comes from Being Out of Work & Gets Them Back to Work Faster
  • Sean Loved His Jobs in Corporate America but Wanted to Apply that Experience to Helping People Transform their Lives
  • Gain Life Was Founded by Three Alumni of Procter & Gamble’s Future Works Division Who Enjoyed Working Together
  • Gain Life Re-purposes Behavioral Science Used to Sell Consumer Packaged Goods for Helping People Make Changes in Their Lives
  • “Huge Study of People Who Lose Weight Successfully Points to Identity Shift”
  • Gain Life Pivoted Away from Weight Loss to Disability – From Selling a Vitamin to Selling a Painkiller
  • Sean’s Extracurricular Activities at Harvard Business School Primed Him for Entrepreneurship
  • Three Big Trends that Help Gain Life
  • Behavioral Sciences Are Transforming Big Consumer Companies
  • Chat Bots Are Relieving Insurance Employees of Mundane Tasks
  • Algorithms Are Starting to Have an Economic Impact in the Insurance Industry – Lemonade Inc.
  • “Boston is like the greatest city on Earth.”
  • “…venues like this that talk about a founder's journey are so helpful, not just for founders who are going through it and sometimes feel isolated, but for individuals who are even considering entrepreneurship as a potential journey.”
  • “People think that this podcast is about technology. It's about human nature, really, as it confronts technology, as it confronts markets, and so this is why it is an endlessly fascinating subject…”

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