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“Their internal users will see that their access time to an instrument goes down. They can get on it sooner, which is counter-intuitive, but it is reality.”

What if scientists could plan and run experiments much faster? Meenta’s software platform is making the use of high-end research equipment far more efficient. Co-Founder & CTO Stephan Smith is excited by the massive opportunity his startup is addressing.

Highlights include:

  • Sal Daher’s Intro
  • Stephan Smith’s Bio
  • “Half the time they sit idle and half the time if someone owns one of these instruments, there's still a long wait to get on them. They're not simple devices, but they are crucial for research.”
  • “Used to take 3 months for you to book time on one of these high-end sequencing machines and have all the reagents and everything else lined up and the right people and so forth, and now you're doing it within 2 weeks, 12 days.”
  • Biggest Obstacle: Convincing People That They Don’t Have to Do Things the Old, Slow Way
  • The Unique Challenges of a Multi-Sided Marketplace
  • “…we let our users make a decision based on whether they care about speed, or quality, or price.”
  • How the Co-Founders, Stephan & Gabor, Came Together
  • “…we were 10 minutes into him telling me about the problem and I think the top of my head blew off. I was like, this is what I've been waiting for. This is a massive market.”
  • “We allow them [universities] to make their core labs more efficient by having more samples throw flow through these machines. These machines are able to run actually more efficiently.”
  • “Their internal users will see that their access time to an instrument goes down. They can get on it sooner, which is counterintuitive, but it is reality.”
  • When it Costs $15,000 per Run, You’re Not Going to Run Your Sequencer Half Full. It Pays to Get Others on the Machine to Share the Cost.
  • Sal Daher Talks About Portfolio Company FineTune Learning
  • The Burning Question for All Angel Investors: How Am I Going to Make Money on This Company?
  • Academic Study on Meenta’s Approach to Two-Sided Markets
  • “The bigger problem that I see is how do you provide value for both sides of the marketplace so you don't have a churn retention issue.”
  • How Meenta Keeps Clients from Going Direct and Cutting them Out of the Business
  • “…we assumed the $2,000 order size. Our order sizes are dramatically bigger.”
  • “Our clear North Star is $1.6 million worth of gross revenue per month by December of 2020. That's our goal.”
  • Meenta Is Hiring Geneticists, Field Application Scientists – Screen for High Emotional Intelligence
  • Finding Your Calling
  • Sharing Your Wisdom - Techstars
  • We Are All Fans of Clem Cazalot of Techstars Boston
  • “I would say your podcast helped people learn fast.”

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