Day 1 of Holiday Heart Healing with the Angels


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We will be taking these 5 days to check in with ourselves and do deep heart healing with the angels. During this time of year the veil is thin and it is a good time to connect with your angels. It also can be an emotional time, so it is great to work with our angels to calm the heart and soul. Become present with how you feel this holiday season. We will be working with the Golden angels of Christmas and our guardian angels. Connect with your angels and recognize the feelings of the season. Check in with your being. Be present in your body. Breathe. Feel the loving presence of your angels. Do a mini life review. What feelings and memories come up this time of year? Do you feel grief, depression, loneliness, regret, or fears? Why? What comes to mind? Losses? Failures? Fears? Longing? Do you miss people and places? Are you numb? Frozen? How can you start to feel more present, relaxed and joyful? Do you feel connected to a higher power? Do you feel stable rooted and aligned? Acknowledge your fears and other emotions. Now consciously bring love to them. Give them to the angels. Your fears are not you. You are whole. Connect with your wholeness now. Feel the light of you spirit and call it in rest in it. Let us bring light to our self-love and divine connection. Invite a feeling of inner peace love and connection. See this light of peace in your heart growing as a vibrant white light. Dearest Angels of Christmas help to heal and open my heart this holiday season. I now chose to be present and aligned in my life. I want to open up my heart and flow with bliss in my life. Let me feel love within me and all around me. Angels please walk by my side. I welcome your presence that brings peace, grace and miracles. I now invite you to surround me and bless me during this holiday season. Andrea Dombecki

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