Day 3 of Holiday Heart Healing with the Angels


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Today we will be focusing on true abundance. Heart centered blissful TRUE abundance. As we work with the angels to awaken true oneness and nourishment within our hearts we will be welcoming the golden energy of spiritual abundance. Our spiritual lesson this time of year is that we are never separate from infinite abundance. What encompasses abundance for you? Health, happiness, love, luck, luxury, nourishment, freedom peace of mind, success, passion, belonging, purpose, safety, comfort, joy? What else? What does the absence of abundance feel like? Loneliness, longing, deprivation, terror, fear of future? Bitterness and suffering? Let's us sit with this shadow and open our heart with love. The angels are bringing in self compassion and unconditional self love. We can face our fears with higher understanding. The angels are with us in the midst of our suffering. As we intend on bringing light to these patterns, these thoughts, feelings and ideas. Dearest Golden angels of true abundance. Help us unlock the truth of spiritual abundance. Feel this golden light of abundance growing in your heart, in your being, in your aura and then out to all areas of your existence. Affirm within that divine abundance is unlocked. Divine abundance is in tact. Feel the safety of knowing that your soul is whole and nourished. As our inner world is whole, stable and abundant the outer world reflects this. We ask the Golden angels to continue this deep teaching with us on a soul level. Let us become more acquainted with our true nature of spiritual abundance. Andrea Dombecki

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