Day 4 of Holiday Heart Healing with the Angels


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Today we will be focusing on letting go and moving forward We can get so stuck in the good and bad from the past. All we really have is the now and the expectation of what is yet to come. We are working with the angels to let go now. To truly be free from the past and what no longer serves us. This may have to do with being honest within yourself about what needs to be let go of. When we make a vacuum we let go of toxic things and make room for good things. This can be actions, ideas. situation or just thoughts that no longer serve us. Notice where you are stuck. Can you let go more of a deceased loved one more? An ex? A job loss? An old friend? Money from the past? Houses? Possessions? Are we seeing people and things with eyes from the past? It is safe to let go. Sometimes we fear nothing else is coming so we hold on or we are loyal to those from the past. So today we clear our hearts of all that is not longer benefiting us and what is no longer here. We make room for being in the complete present. As we bless and heal all involved we ask the angels to hold a sacred please for us to move on with love in our hearts. Dearest angels please assist me as I move on with love in my heart. I want to be fulfilled and happy. I want to feel innocent joy once again. I bless all the love and happiness that I have experienced and I now welcome more. I release all people, places and situations that are no longer a part of my life. I would now like to open my heart to new joys. I can be happy now and In the future I am always in the right place at the right time. I am experiencing the present fully. I am an innocent and loved child of the universe. I am safe within the process of life. Andrea Dombecki

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