EP015: Mini Coaching with Willie Moore – WGU degree options


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One thing we do a LOT around Angle Free IT and online on forums is giving advice. It’s kinda my ‘thing’ because I couldn’t find a non-anonymous way to get tech career advice online. At the same time, people want and have asked for personalized coaching sessions to get them pointed in the right direction. I wanted to let you listen in on one of the first mini-coaching sessions we did a few months ago with a longtime friend and listener Willie Moore. It focuses on WGU degree options for technology folks. I think you’ll enjoy it, especially if you’re on the fence about WGU, or what degree options you are looking into.

02:00 Intro.

05:00 ISA degree vs Networking degree.

12:00 Why WGU worked for me.

16:00 Willie discussing which ones worked.

20:00 Doing vs Telling and why they’re different things.

30:00 Programming skills and why they’re key in the future.

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