The Man Who Navigated the End of History


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Remember back when the Berlin Wall fell and history ended? Back when we won the Cold War and America was embraced by allies old and new, becoming the world’s only superpower. The Gulf War was fought and seemingly won.

Actually, maybe you don’t. It was the end of the 1980s, after all.

George Bush - no, not that one - stood at the center of events, and inside that center stood James A. Baker III.

To tell us about the man who ran Washington, and why he remains important, we welcome Peter Baker of the New York Times who wrote the book with his wife Susan Glasser of the New Yorker. The couple’s book, coincidentally, is called The Man Who Ran Washington.

  • Recorded 10/9/20
  • Hey, remember the 1980s?
  • Who was the man who ran Washington?
  • Foreign policy as the presidential big leagues
  • The nightmare of facing Jim Baker in an election
  • “Baker was Bush”
  • How to win the Iraq war only to lose it later
  • How to navigate the end of history
  • Sibling rivalry between Bush and Baker

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