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Actor Burt Ward shares his bed with 25 Great Danes - he tells his story on Animal RadioFrom Caped Crusader to Canine Crusader
Actor Burt Ward was the original 'Robin' on the hit series Batman. Now he’s devoted to giant breed dogs and runs the Gentle Giant Rescue. He tells Animal Radio that as many as 25 Great Danes share his bed with him and his wife Tracy.
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The Secret Life of Mac
Inspired by the viral videos of cats stealing clothes and other items, author Melinda Metz weaved a story about a Klepto-kitty named Mac who will steal your heart. Why is it some cats, left to their own devices, choose to abscond with everything from lingerie to money?
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EMTs should legally be allowed to help animals without being penalizedEMT’s Can’t Treat Animals… Yet
Police in Boston are praising proposed legislation that would allow emergency medical service workers to treat police dogs injured in the line of duty. Currently, Massachusetts' laws penalize EMT's if they assist an animal in an emergency.
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Can Our Pets Become Addicted To Opioids?
The opioid crisis isn't just impacting people. A new study in Pennsylvania says there's been a big increase in the amount of pain medication being prescribed for pets in the state. The new research shows opioid prescriptions for animals in the state are up 41% over a 10-year period. It's unclear why there's been such a dramatic increase. But, if opioids are so addictive for humans, are they addictive to pets?
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