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Does your pet have a pet trust?Planning A Pet Trust
What happens to your pet if something happens to you? Did you know your pet is considered "property" in the eyes of the law? Estate Attorney A.J. Fudge has prepared a simple plan for your pets should you punch the clock before they do. It's important to have a pet-trust legally documented so that your furry-family member doesn't end up in the shelter and possibly euthanized.
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What's Trending In The Pet Sector?
On the heels of the industry's largest pet product show, Robert Semrow reports on the latest and greatest stuff for your pets. This year has seen an explosion of CBD type supplements, a bi-product of marijuana, for moderating your pet's pain. Also, a large number of major companies are launching their products on Kickstarter. If the product doesn't gain traction through crowd-funding, then it's shelved. This new technique saves thousands in market research.
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Another Major Pet Food Buyout
The Wall Street Journal tells us Nestlé, the huge food and beverage conglomerate, is in talks to buy a majority stake in Canada's Champion Petfoods for $2 billion. Champion makes super premium, high quality, Orijen and Acana dog and cat foods... for now.
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Quick thinking flight attendantFlight Attendant Saves Dog
In a news cycle that seems to portray a lot of airline vs. animal issues, it's a breath of fresh air to hear about a quick thinking flight attendant that saved the life of a French Bulldog on a JetBlue flight. The 3-year-old French Bulldog, named Darcy, was on a flight from Florida to Massachusetts with her human parents when her tongue began to turn blue and she started having difficulty breathing.
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Major Stock Photo Suppliers Remove Unnatural Primate Pictures
Recently, PETA made a major push in its efforts to stop what it calls harmful portrayals of primates and has successfully lobbied a number of stock photo organizations to remove images that depict primates in an "unnatural" way. They have also asked that they restrict their photos to those taken in zoos or other natural environments. Stock photos are used in everything from advertisements to greeting cards, to websites and newspapers. While this may be a move that seems favorable for animals, isn't it tantamount to censorship?
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