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Dogipot Dog Parking ExplainedHigh Tech Dog Kennel
If Rebecca Eyre gets her way, you'll never again see a dog tied up outside a retail or food establishment. She says "Dogspot," a climate controlled parking spot for your dog, is being rolled-out across the country. Using the smartphone app, you'll gain access to a safe and secure dog locker fitted with UV lamps and cameras. So many questions, so little time.
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Ikea Recalls Pet Water Dispenser After Dog Deaths
Ikea's new Lurvig water dispenser seemed like a great idea until two dogs died after getting their heads stuck in the device. Ikea has issued a global recall and is warning that it can become a deadly trap if your small pet inserts its head up the dome-shaped water container. The water dispenser is made up of two components. Its bottom serves as a water bowl and the base for a transparent container that holds water and ends in a dome sitting on the base. The $7.99 water dispenser was one of the 75 pet products introduced by Ikea last October. It's one of several recent strategic steps Ikea has made towards transforming itself from a furniture company to a lifestyle brand.
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What's So Important About Blood Tests
Has your veterinarian ever recommended an expensive battery of blood tests for your pet? Dr. Fred Metzler explains why these blood tests are needed to really understand your pets health, even when they're healthy. Since our pets cannot speak English, veterinarians rely upon blood to tell the story. Dr. Metzger is our next speaker in the Fear Free Pets Expert Series.
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Laura Vorreyer is on Animal RadioPetsitter To The Stars Speaks
Laura Vorreyer has become a petsitter for celebrity pet owners and their furry companions. She says that some of her clients have large requests when it comes to pet are. Laura will tell us about a popular singer who tests her songs on her dogs to see if they'll be a hit.
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Potatoes and Lentils in Dog Food Linked To Heart Disease
There's some new information from the Food and Drug Administration's that says
potatoes, legumes, peas and lentils used as protein sources in many dog foods may be linked to canine heart disease. The agency is researching dogs that developed dilated cardiomyopathy, or DCM, which is a disease of a dog's heart muscle and often results in congestive heart failure.
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