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Who is smarter? The dog or cat?Who Is Smarter? Dog Or Cat?
Scientific American Senior Editor Josh Fischman translates the results from current research on the brains and neurons of cats, dogs, raccoons, bears and humans. You may be surprised by the results. Cat lovers - brace yourself.
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Has Your Pet Restricted Your Travel Plans?
According to a new study of 2,000 American pet parents, half of them have never traveled outside of the country since owning their pet. The main reason pet owners struggle to take a vacation without their pet is likely due to the 68% who felt especially guilty when they leave their pets behind.
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Your Cat May Be Giving Away Your Home Address
Identity theft has been a big concern for years. Now those photos you post of your pet could lead strangers straight to your home. The meta-data hidden beneath those cute furry photos include your geo-location. And one website,, actually highlights just that.
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How was the KONG invented? Joe Markham explains.
Two KONGs For Every Dog In America
The KONG is the most ubiquitous dog toy in existence. The name KONG has become a part of the vernacular, just like Kleenex and Band-Aid. So, you'll be quite amused when KONG creator Joe Markham tells us how the toy was invented by accident. This is the last installment in the Fear Free Expert Series.
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Bucket List For Shelter Dog
An animal shelter in Arlington, Virginia, is helping a dying dog with cancer live his best life. The Animal Welfare League of Arlington hopes that a family will adopt Smoke, a 10-year-old hound with terminal cancer, in the last weeks or months that he has left. But, until that time, the shelter has created a bucket list for Smoke that is still growing. On the list already are entries such as riding in a fire truck, eating ice cream, going to the beach, riding in a police car and howling with the sirens, and getting a full body doggy massage.
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