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Pets start 1000 fires a yearPets Cause 1000 Fires Per Year
"Unattended pets often set their homes on fire and pets can't call 911," according to Zsolt Sapy, the COO of Smoke Alarm Monitoring. Just how does this happen? What can you do to stack the odds in your pet's favor?
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Should You Trust Pet DNA Tests?
Dr. Lisa Moses says there is a place for DNA tests, but only as a novelty. While these tests may show a predisposition towards breed specific diseases, she warns against making medical decisions based on a DNA swab or blood tests.
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What We Know About Our Cat Food
A new study of 2,000 cat owners reveals many of them are oblivious about what foods could be harmful to their cat's health. More than 50% of those questioned did not know that milk, grapes, raisins, garlic and onions are hazardous to a cat's health. A fifth of owners don't even know their cats are carnivores, with one in 10 feeding them raw vegetables and another one in 20 serving up salad leaves.
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Kids Prefer Rats Over Cats Or Dogs, which is an online resource for pet owners, has announced the findings of its 8-year pet ownership study that used the data of nearly 17,000 pet owners across 113 countries. The biggest revelation is that children between the ages of 10 and 17 years old say they get more satisfaction owning pet rats rather than cats or dogs.
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Dream job for a cat loverCat Lovers Dream Job
If you've ever thought of quitting your job and living out your life saving cats on a picturesque Greek island, here's some great news. A cat rescue in Greece, called God's Little People Cat Rescue, is looking for a new caretaker. They're looking for a part-time caretaker to look after 55 cats with free lodging in the form of the sanctuary manager's house that overlooks the Aegean Sea.
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Ed Asner Loves Himself Some Kitty!
Iconic Actor Ed Asner is our flashback to 2010. Bet you didn't know Ed is a "cat" guy? His satirist banter and love for his personal kitties makes this one of most memorable moments of Animal Radio.
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