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Turning deceased pets into dronesTurning Animals Into Drones And Helicopters
In 2012, Bart Jansen's cat was unfortunately struck and killed by a car. Instead of cremating or burying "Orville" (named after the Wright Brothers), he turned him into a drone. Despite outrage from cat-owners, he defends the action as a tribute to his furry-friend. Many other pet owners have asked for his services since. Now he plans to turn a cow into a helicopter.
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What Vaccines Does My Pet Really Need?
There's no need to over-inoculate your pet with potentially harmful vaccines. Dr. Jean Dodds is considered one of the foremost veterinary experts on vaccinosis. She tells us what injections are necessary and how often. Dr. Dodd's also discusses the downside of over-vaccinating your pet.
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Pet Owner Harming Pets For Opioids
Researchers at the University of Colorado recently conducted a survey of nearly 200 veterinarians in the state about how opioid abusers may be using veterinary clinics to get drugs. The results revealed that 13% of veterinarians believe, or have suspected, that they have seen a client who purposefully injured their pet, made their pet sick or appear to be sick, just so they could get an opioid prescription.
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The richest pet in the worldThe World's Richest Pets
Topping the 2018 Richest Pets List, compiled by a pet insurance company, the wealthiest pet is a German Shepherd named Gunther IV, worth over 375 million dollars. Gunther, who lives in Germany, inherited his wealth and has his own personal maid and butler, eats steak and caviar and has several multi million-dollar homes. Taylor Swift's and Oprah's pets also top this list.
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Home Shoppers Buying For Pets
Pets are part of our family. So much so, that, according to a report, even if we found our perfect home and it wasn't right for our pets, we would pass on it. The survey for showed 75% of pet parents would say “no thank you" to their dream home if it weren't a fit for their animals.
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