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Chef Kevyn Matthews is on Animal RadioThe Raw Debate
Chef Kevyn Matthews, also known as the Dog Chef (Dogs 101/DOG-TV) is doing a booming business cooking for dogs in the Northeast. He makes nutritious meals that focus on healing certain ailments. He'll debate the pros and cons of a raw diet with Dr. Debbie.
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Mercury In Your Pet Food
Postdoctoral Scholar Dr. Sarrah Dunham-Cheatham randomly sampled 100 pet foods. 16 of those samples had mercury concentrations that were well above the maximum tolerable limit. That's not the only thing she found.
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Regulating Groomers
Hot on the heels of fatal grooming incidents at Petsmart and Petco, legislators are fast-tracking groomer certification for the unregulated business. Animal Radio's very own groomer, Joey Villani is helping to push this legislation through. He'll explain what is currently happening in New Jersey, and how that will become a model for the nation.
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Peak Puppy Cuteness is a thingWhen Are Puppies The Cutest?
Everyone knows puppies are cute, but did you know that people find puppies at their cutest stage at eight weeks of age? Experts at Arizona State University's canine-science laboratory now say they have discovered that Peak Puppy Cuteness serves important purposes and might even play a fundamental role in the bonding between a puppy and its adoptive owner.
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Tesla Offering Unique Dog Friendly Features
One of Tesla's new car features includes a computer program that stops the car's interior from exceeding a certain temperature. A future update to it may include a special 'Dog Mode,' which would display a message warning passers-by not to panic if they see a pet inside a parked vehicle. That future update could also include a display of the current interior temperature so well meaning strangers don't break the car's window to rescue your pup. The temperature-regulating feature is called Cabin Overheat. It was rolled out to Tesla vehicles via a software update in June.
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