1187. Comedian/Actress Debra Wilson Talks About Long, Slimy, Slithering Pets


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Debra Wilson on Animal RadioActress/Comedian Debra Wilson Guests
Debra Wilson has a thing for long, slimy, slithering reptiles. In fact, he shares her life with one. Get all the gooey details and find out why she's Nuts for Mutts.
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Dancing Dogs
Author Jon Katz is back and this time he's sharing short stories about our strange and unique connection to our animals. You're not alone when you spoil your furry family.
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Special Dog Gets Second Leash on Life
Nakio was a prime candidate to be euthanized when rescuers found all four of his paws frozen and useless. That until Christine Pace came into his life and arranged for prosthetics for all four of his feet.
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Kids and Alligators
How About A Kid's Party Where You Swim With The Alligators!
A Florida company has decided to offer children unique pool parties the kids will likely never forget. The folks who run Alligator Attractions in Madeira Beach are offering live alligators that swim with the children at area pool parties.
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Jerseyans Are Split on Dog Seatbelts
A poll says New Jerseyans are split on car seatbelts for dogs. 45% of residents favor the idea, but a solid 40% oppose it. Violators are subject to a $20 ticket.
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Bully Sticks Recalled
Yet again, this popular dog treat is being recalled because of salmonella contamination. While a majority of the recalled product comes from Asia, you might be surprised to know it's packaged as "Made in the USA."
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