Episode 60: 3D Animator Gemal Plummer On What It Takes To Get Hired In CG


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This episode features Toronto CG Animator Gemal Plummer who shares what it takes to get hired as a CG character animator. You’ll also learn: *3 super tips that will speed up your workflow *An overview of which studios in Toronto work in CG *Which non-animation activities can help you improve your animation [SPONSORED MESSAGE] This episode is sponsored by The Animation Box. The Animation Box is an online learning platform specialized in teaching 3D Character Animation. They currently have a special deal on their Cartoon Mechanics Masterclass where you will learn step by step how to animate a cartoon-stylized shot from blocking to spline in Autodesk Maya. The Masterclass is a 20+hr video course full of unique lectures, tips and tricks and workflow methods that are used in the feature film industry. You'll also get access to unique Character Rigs for Maya that can be used to create your personal shots. They also offer Mentorship training and more workshops are coming in the near future. Check them out at https://www.theanimationbox.com/ ~~ More about Gemal: Gemal Plummer is a Toronto-based CG animator. He studied animation at Seneca College and has since worked at some of the top animation studios in Toronto including Industrial Brothers, Cuppa Coffee, Guru, and Jam Filled. *Follow Gemal on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gemal67/ *Check out Gemal’s reel and character animations on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user6034897

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