Ep 088 - If You Think You Don't Need to Worry About Lead Poisoning, Think Again


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Lead toxicity is not a problem of the past, nor is it an exclusive problem for children. Lead continues today to pose a serious threat to the health of many adults. And it's the accumulative effect over time that is so important to monitor, not just the single-day elevation that you might see in a routine blood test. The good news is something can be done about it. The answer is chelation therapy. You CAN be healthier than you are. You CAN live a higher quality of life. Just get educated. That's where we come in. Continue listening to our podcast, attend one of our free seminars, or give us a call. 610-682-2104 If you're not in Pennsylvania, but are looking to find a doctor like Dr Maulfair, you can search for one in your area with The International College of Integrative Medicine

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