Geoff Kleinman on Post Concussion Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety, and Medical Marijuana


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This week’s episode features a lengthy, in-depth conversation with writer, educator, and entrepreneur Geoffrey Kleinman. We discuss what happened when he suffered a concussion two years ago and the terrifying aftermath of Post Concussion Syndrome that he’s had to endure since. We also chat about depression, medical marijuana, family, and much more.

Geoff Kleinman was the creative force behind the popular drinks site from 2008 to 2017. He also created and managed from 1998-2007 when it was acquired by Internet Brands. His writing has been featured in Whisky Advocate, Playboy Magazine, Black Book Magazine, and more publications.

He’s currently at work on a new project: The Medicated Show, a practical guide to Medical Marijuana, which can be found at

You can find Geoff at, watch his Post Concussion Syndrome series on YouTube at, and find him on Twitter @geoffk.

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