How to Calm Your Health Anxiety and Feel More Peace of Mind


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#429: Today we’ll be continuing our discussion about health anxiety and introducing our new First Responder Series Course for calming Health Anxiety and feeling more peace of mind. Health Anxiety is the fear that something we feel in our body is a symptom of a serious illness. Once the fear kicks in, the mind quickly creates a story that escalates our anxiety into a stream of unwanted and disturbing thoughts. Often the symptoms we worry about are the symptoms of anxiety itself. Other times we may fixate on body sensations that we fear might be something but are just random aches and pains. Health Anxiety thoughts usually start with “what if..” What if thoughts are the result of a mind already troubled by anxiety creating future, fear-based events. The key to overcoming Health Anxiety is to catch these thoughts and stop them spiraling out of control in our minds. To do that effectively we need tried and tested techniques. We need something that works to stop and calm anxious thoughts, and we need to know how to use it well. And that is exactly what you’ll find in our new Anxiety Slayer First Responder Series for Anxiety Attacks.Explore New Course at The disturbed mind will look for evidence of what we fear the most. Health anxiety prompts us to Google Symptoms and keep checking our bodies, or freezing and fixating on any feelings in our body we think are causes for concern. Health Anxiety is the worst use of our imagination In a similar way to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the mind gets stuck on checking and searching. Repeatedly looking for evidence of symptoms of illness. Health anxiety feels very personal as we fixate on one fear at a time. Often once one fear is relieved after a trip to the Doctor, we will move on to another. This shows that the source of our suffering is not a particular illness, but anxiety itself fixating on one thing and then the next. Health anxiety puts us in an anxiety cycle that stresses our body While we are worrying about our health, we aren't helping our health. The First Responder Series Health Anxiety Course is designed to help you calm healthy anxiety and relax your body to support your body’s natural healing ability
  • Two benefits
  • Calm your health anxiety
  • And help your body get into rest and repair mode
This is an EFT Tapping based course You will find two guided Tapping Sessions to help you calm health anxiety thoughts, and stop fear and fixation on body sensations What you will learn: How to calm Health Anxiety thoughts How to stop fixating on symptoms and sensations How to use EFT Tapping for stopping Health Anxiety and building peace of mind You will explore 4 key teachings on bringing the mind away from fear and into the present moment. A calming breathing practice for slowing racing thoughts A Body Scan Practice for feeling calm and safe in your body And how to practice Ayurvedic oil massage for boosting immune health and peace of mind How to switch from fight or flight to rest and repair mode To overcome Health Anxiety, we need effective techniques for diverting and calming our anxious thoughts before they spiral out of control. We also need to know how to calm our reaction to perceived symptoms and feel relaxed and at home in our bodies. Explore New Course Here

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