Anything Ghost Show #265 - The Thai Dancer Spirit, a Haunted Dunkin’ Donuts, The Little Boy in the Yard, and Several Other True Ghost Stories


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  1. Crystal (North Tacoma, Washington) – Ghostly Imitator
  2. Alli (US) - Ghost of My Great-Granddaddy
  3. Ruth (London, England) - The Coffee Cup
  4. Erin (London, England) – New Home Haunting
  5. Chelsea (San Diego, California) – Haunted Dunkin’ Donuts and Hotel
  6. Susan (Southern California, US) – The Little Boy in the Yard
  7. Lani (Lonnie) (Whitesville, Kentucky) – Scout’s Salute
  8. Brian (Chicago, Illinois) – Sleepover Scare and More
  9. Reagan (Washington, US) – Voice on the Stairs
  10. David (New Jersey, US) - Strange Experience on a Ghost Tour
  11. Kalee (Texas, US) - The Little Girl in a Red Dress
  12. Amy (North Carolina, US) - The Lady in White
  13. Grace (US) – The Thai Dancer Spirit


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