Anything Ghost Show #268 - The Haunted Furby, Whispers at Eastern State Penitentiary, Evil in the Hospital and Many More True Experiences with Ghosts.


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  1. Lani (Whitesville, Kentucky) - The Black Deer
  2. Josh (Sienna Plantation, Missouri City, Texas) – Missing Nickel
  3. Jennifer (Oklahoma, U.S.) – The Haunted Furby and Other Stories
  4. Ty (Wisconsin, US) – A Call From the Beyond
  5. Marc (Edinburg, Scotland) - Whispers at Eastern State Penitentiary
  6. Karina (Oslo, Norway) - Out of Arm Experience
  7. Erik (Durango, Colorado) – Disappearing Toy Train
  8. Jenna (Nebraska, US) - Taking a Shower
  9. Alana (Wisconsin, US) - A Loved One Visits
  10. Mike (Florida, US) – Spirits Passing Through, and Evil in the Hospital
  11. Heidi (Nebraska, US) – My Mother Called Song Break: Sundowner by Lex Wahl
  12. Heidi (Florida, US) – A Haunted Apartment

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