Anything Ghost Show #269


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  1. Jamie (Charleston, South Carolina) – The Night Mother Died
  2. John (New York, US) – An Evening at the Beekman Tower in Manhattan
  3. David (Alabama, US) – An Alabama Haunted House
  4. Kellin (West Virginia, US) – Friendly Dark Visitors in My Room
  5. Sarah (Minneapolis, Minnesota) – CJ and the Haunted Sorority House
  6. Clara (Arizona, US) – Haunted Tucson, Arizona Home
    Song Break: Summer Rain (Lex Wahl)
  7. Karen (Ontario, Canada) – Bathtub Mystery Soap
  8. Elizabeth (Northern California) – A Goodbye Message
  9. Garrett (Bastrop, Texas) – Paranormal Experiences from Texas
  10. Erickson (Melbourne, Australia) – Ghost Experience in the Philippines
  11. James (Coronado, California) – Okinawa Ghost Cat
  12. Emily (US) – A Cry For Help

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