Gregg Buchwalter, The Outpatience/West Arkeen - Ep. 75


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Back in episode 66 we spoke with bassist James Hunting about the short-lived, yet important band, The Outpatience. An album including the late West Arkeen and George Baisch, who both died before the record came out. It also features the last known studio track with Axl Rose and Slash, neither knowing the other was on it. Now our guest in episode 75 is Gregg Buchwalter, the keyboardist for The Outpatience's "Anxious Disease." He painfully recalls the losses of his friends West and George, while going through the recording process with Izzy, Axl, and other Guns N Roses' members who were featured on the album. Gregg's adventure features a lot challenges, but shares tales of triumph, including working with the iconic Ray Charles. This and so much more in episode 75 of Appetite for Distortion. Please follow/subscribe/leave a review!

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