Marcelle Sirkus talks going High School with Slash - Ep. 77


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What's it like going to High School with Slash? ...sharing a crimping-iron with Izzy? ...having Axl read you the lyrics to "Back off Bitch" on Chris Weber's bed? ...being in a band with Tracii Guns before LA Guns? ...having your first slow dance with Hillel Slovak? ...seeing Flea run around naked at house parties? Those are just SOME of the experiences our guest has had in her life. Marcelle Sirkus comes on the AFD show to share her adventures with the GNR guys as well as talk about her new book, "A Shiksa's Guide to Shabbos: Don't blow out the candles!: Helpful Tips for Blending In with Your Jewish Significant Other." Also joining us is friend/author/LA Guns first manager, Raz Cue. Episode 77 is a fun conversation and you may learn some things about GNR that you never knew! Please follow/subscribe/leave a review!

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