Michael Monroe, Hanoi Rocks - Ep. 90


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Michael Monroe is sometimes referred to as one of the founding fathers of the Hollywood's glam-rock scene. Does he want to be credited with that title? Did he mind bands influenced by Hanoi Rocks' look and sound? How did his relationship with Guns N' Roses start? What's the origin of his contributions to GNR's "Ain't it Fun" and "Bad Obsession"? Michael gives his opinions on groupies, today's rock, politics, and if he'd ever join GNR on stage again. Speaking of politics, Axl Rose has been VERY anti-Donald Trump on Twitter recently and addresses why you may hear GNR music at his rallies. Guest co-host Art Tavana and Brando break down Axl's tweets and Guns N' Roses' political positions. All this and so much more! Please follow/subscribe/leave a review!

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