Axel Verstraeten&Simon Esler & Graham Simms~10/26/19~Sacred Matrix-Janet & Sash


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Simon Esler is a Full Disclosure Activist, healer, energy practitioner, researcher, writer, actor, philosopher, father and adept student of experience. He is ordained by the government of Ontario as a Metaphysical Minister of the Bancroft Center for Awakening Spiritual Growth. As a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant he is trained in the art of custom ceremony creation and through Rainbow Kids Yoga he is certified in the art of creating children’s meditations. He is also an alumnus of York University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Studies. Throughout his life Simon has had the blessing of a wide variety of spiritually potent encounters ranging from ET contact, to contact with the deceased, exorcisms, time travel, past life recall and unity consciousness. Axel Verstraeten, a Canadian patriot and supporter of the international truth movement studied in the province of British Columbia for language teaching and works as a commercial concrete forming carpenter. Though raised in a religious family he became agnostic at an early age and for many years did not recover his connection to his faith due to battling depression and drugs. He spent many years as a musician performing in bands and touring the metal scene which led to a very abrupt and rude awakening. His research into the Satanic breakaway civilization and suppressed technology ultimately resulted in the creation of The Great Graham Simms interest in publishing and journalism began 30 years ago, in high school, when he won a journalism award from the local Providence Journal newspaper. Since then he has enjoyed editing books on Tibetan Buddhism and Cold-War history and publishing never before seen government documents. His most recent projects are Solarian magazine online and collaborations with Chris Styles on the books Impact to Contact: The Shag Harbour Incident and The Edge of Magonia.

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