Dr. Bruce Cornet ~11/12/2019 - Stargate to the Cosmos~Janet & Dr. Sasha Lessin


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Bruce was born on 31 August 1945 in Bryn Mawr, PA, at 7:00 pm or Sunset. 31 August in the ancient Egyptian calendar was the day the Ennead celebrated, because of the inauguration of a new Pharoah. Hitler began WWII on August 31, which he thought would guarantee him world victory. How Did I Discover My Past Life as Dr. Woodrow Wilson? In the Spring of 1993, Carola Van Deusen told Pat, my wife, that she was holding a group hypnotic past-life-regression session at her house on the shoreline near Keyport, NJ. I was curious, and a little apprehensive about being hypnotized, since I had never been hypnotized before (even though my late wife Bonnie was a skilled hypnotist). We drove to Carola’s house and we joined a small group in one of Carola’s larger side rooms to a large Victorian-style house. Carola had laid out large pillows on the floor so we could all lay down on her soft rug with a pillow under our heads. She led us through a period of relaxation with more and more suggestions to go back in time in our lives. Then she told us to go even further back before our current lifetime. I recall being surprised that I recalled places I had never been to as an adult, and found myself in a familiar house with turn-of-the-19th-century furniture and wall decorations. I had no clue to who I had been, but my surroundings were very familiar. The thought of being in the White House came to mind. Then Carola told us if we were having trouble figuring out who we were, to look for a mirror. I seemed to have known where to find a mirror in a nearby restroom. I then found myself there looking at my image in the mirror. I did not recognize who I saw. I studied his face carefully. When the regression session was over, Pat asked me how it went? I told her that I may have been in the White House, and I saw my image in a mirror.

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