Panel: Bruce Cornet, Jenni Vasquez, Robert Harber, Janet Lessin, Theresa Morris


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Robert Harber and Jenni Vasquez are truck drivers living in El Paso, TX. Robert: "I was never a believer in UFOS or extraterrestrials. I never gave it much, if any thought. In December 2012, things began to change for me. I began having experiences where I was floating above my bed and then being dropped onto the bed during the middle of the night. When I would awake the next morning, I would experience soreness in various parts of my body. My daughter Deborah was the first to discover implants in my body as my left ear began beeping and ringing back like feedback from a microphone. I began doing regressions with Dr. Joe Lewels and Clinical Hypnotherapist Barbara Lamb. They both discovered that I had repeated abductions with the tall greys and that they had placed implants in my body for various reasons. When Jenni and I started dating in 2016, she also began having experiences. She received injections in her legs from the ETs when she became pregnant with our daughter Aurora. The second injection that she received was when she became pregnant the second time. She is now 5 months along. Our daughter Aurora was born October 11, 2018 and is an extraordinary child. She is very intelligent and learns things very quickly. We are expecting our 2nd hybrid child around March." Do you have hybrid children? Do you recall how you got your children? Did you carry them? What makes you believe they are hybrid children? Have you seen them after they were born? For those who've had children living with them, what do they do that's different than regular children? Do they know they are not 100% human? Are you planning to tell them and if so when and how? Do you have any implants?

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