Sean Fowler & Eric Mitchell ~ 10/10/19 ~ Aquarian Radio ~ Host Janet Kira Lessin


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Sean Fowler awoke to strange things and events that took place that changed his thinking and outlook on worldly views. He's been deep down the rabbit hole more than once. He began having memories of traumatizing events that started between the ages of 5 and 6 which made him question his sanity. On July 13, 2014, he awoke to the truth. He was experimented on and thought his mother wasn't his biological mother but his "handler"! When he awoke she asked him, "Do you remember the ET contact you had as a child?" He laughed and knew he was headed for a journey that would be a lifetime. She revealed his programs. He remembers torture, SRA (satanic ritual abuse), mind control experimentation, as well as ET contact. He has now started his healing and as he heals he's also helping others. He lives in South Carolina. His upcoming book is "My Awakening in 2014". Eric Mitchell was a struggling single father in 2013. He never believed in the paranormal and would scoff at those who did. That summer he awoke outside in front of an orange glowing craft. That morning was only the beginning. For the last six years, he's been dealing with our visitors. Eric's been counseling abductees of alien encounters for the last 5 year since having his own encounter and facing the harsh reality of this phenomenon and its effects on one’s life. He has dedicated his time to helping others who have had the misfortune of experiencing extraterrestrial encounters first hand. Along with educating the public and Ufologists on this subject, which has made him a highly sought-out Speaker and Lecturer, on the topics of UFOs, Abductions at UFO Conferences and on Radio, TV, Podcasts, and Documentary Films. Eric is currently writing a book on his experiences and is work with others on a documentary film of his encounters.

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