149 - Very Distinctive Front Doors


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The guys welcome Henry Mitchell III back to The Bunker once again for what may be record-breaking episode. They spend some time discussing Loverboy for Sheriff 2020, and Henry announces his intention to run for Mayor of Athens in 2024 and President sometime after that. The guys debate UGA vs Ohio State, get a Stephen King update, and talk about some movies, including an unusual take on Star Wars from Rett. They argue about the best Mario Kart characters and discuss whether Donald Trump is the President that America deserves right now. Henry tells tales of racism. Rett educates Henry on Ketamine. They talk about bicycle speed records, bike lanes, the African American hair situation, and Paul Flart. Then, the Browns actually win a football game, and that kicks off a discussion of quite possibly one of the most unusual bets ever devised.

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