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This is a 2-minute sample of scenario 35 - seizures. It focuses on the data gathering part of this scenario.


If you're preparing for your CSA exam, and struggle for tie to read books and guidelines, this is for you!

Designed and created to listen and learn on the go, this (just under) 5 hour (!) audio exposes you to 100 types of CSA case, presentation and situation - and completely breaks them down.

Which questions to ask, what not to miss, key red flags, psychosocial links, common 'ICE' queries, simple explanations, clinical guidelines, management options, referral criteria, health promotion.... the list goes on.

See full description for full list of 100 scenarios covered.

* No real CSA cases discussed - all situations/examples are fictitious.

* Designed to be up-to-date at time of creation (regularly updated as well).

* Not to be used for medical advice.

Website for further details: aroraMedicalEducation.co.uk

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