Episode 21 - "He had a golden Reinhardt hammer and he said 'Why did you add me?'"


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Subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play RSS feeds! apple.co/2mRdkHy bit.ly/2m8Hfwv --- Join our Discord Server where we record live! discordapp.com/invite/Bf2Vnn3 --- - 00:00:30 Welcome Dahun and xQc!! - 00:01:45 Climbing the "scrim ladder" - 00:10:00 Is this the most diverse meta we've seen so far? - 00:11:30 How long does it take for you to gameplan against a new comp? - 00:14:00 How meta-resistant is Yikes! ? - 00:19:00 The effect of D.Va on the meta - 00:21:30 Bringing together Yikes!, how did the team form? - 00:29:50 xQc on learning how to know when a tryout has talent when putting together a team - 00:32:15 Briefly touching on the Jolson situation - 00:34:30 How did you guys come up with the team name Yikes!, and the amazing logo? - 00:36:30 Discussing the PTR - 00:41:30 Thoughts on Horizon Lunar Colony - 00:45:00 Thoughts on McCree's viability with the new Deadeye - 00:49:00 How will this balance patch affect heroes that aren't being changed? - 00:54:30 Yikes! on Overwatch Contenders - 01:02:30 Listener Questions - 01:03:00 Thoughts on Fnatic breaking up - 01:11:00 xQc's favorite Reinhardt/Tank players - 01:16:15 How are Team Canada tryouts going? - 01:18:15 Thoughts on the Earthshatter + EMP combo? - 01:22:00 If an org offers to take on only half of the roster, do you take it? - 01:24:00 Dahun's top 5 Lucios? - 01:27:45 Thoughts on Apex Challengers as a talent pool model - 01:29:00 Thoughts on pulling from SoloQ onto pro teams - 01:33:45 What meta would you most want to play in? --- Follow Dahun at: https://twitter.com/DahunOW Follow xQc at: https://twitter.com/xQcOW https://www.twitch.tv/xqcow

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